Battle of the Malacca Strait

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Battle of the Malacca Strait
Part of the Pacific theater of World War II

Japanese cruiser Haguro.
Date15–16 May 1945
Result British victory
 United Kingdom Japan Empire of Japan
Commanders and leaders
United Kingdom Manley Laurence Power Japan Shigeru Fukudome
Japan Shintaro Hashimoto 
Japan Kaju Sugiura 
5 Destroyers 1 Heavy Cruiser
1 Destroyer
Casualties and losses
1 destroyer damaged,
2 killed[1]
1 cruiser sunk,
1 destroyer damaged,
927 killed[2]

The Battle of the Malacca Strait, sometimes called the Sinking of the Haguro, was a naval battle in World War II. The battle started because the British were searching for Japanese ships to sink. This May 1945 action was called Operation Dukedom. It resulted in the sinking of the Japanese cruiser Haguro. Haguro had been supplying Japanese troops in the Dutch East Indies and the Bay of Bengal since 1 May 1945.

Notes[change | change source]

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  2. 900 were killed on Haguro and 27 on Kamikaze. Hackett and Nevitt,

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