Dutch East Indies

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The Dutch East Indies, or Netherlands East Indies, was the Dutch colony that is now modern Indonesia. The main city was Batavia, now called Jakarta.

The old Stadhuis of Batavia, the home of Governor General of the Dutch East India Company. The building is now the Jakarta Historical Museum.

It was made from the colonies of the Dutch East India Company that came under the control of the Netherlands in 1800.

In the Java War (1741–1743), Chinese rebels worked with Javanese Muslim rebels who forcibly circumcised Dutch men and enslaved Dutch women and children.[1][2]

During World War II it was part of the Japanese Empire. In 1945 the Japanese had surrendered their colonies in the pacific, thus losing control of Indonesia, and Indonesian leaders made a declaration of independence. They fought a war of independence until the Netherlands gave Indonesia sovereignty in December 1949.

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