Bay City, Michigan

Coordinates: 43°35′24″N 83°53′19″W / 43.59005°N 83.88864°W / 43.59005; -83.88864
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The American city of Bay City is a small city in the state of Michigan, United States. In the 2020 census it had more than 32,000 people living in it.

Although small, Bay City is one of the largest port cities on Lake Huron, one of the North American Great Lakes. It is part of a triangle of small cities in Central Michigan. The other two cities are Saginaw, Michigan, and Midland, Michigan.

Bay City was the birthplace in 1958 of Madonna Ciccone, a well-known American singer. The Scottish Pop group Bay City Rollers are said to have gotten their name from the city as well.

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43°35′24″N 83°53′19″W / 43.59005°N 83.88864°W / 43.59005; -83.88864