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Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1893)
Portable bed

A bed is an item of furniture that people sleep on. It normally has a soft mattress on a bed frame. Many beds also have bed sheets to cover the mattress and additional sheets for the people to sleep under. People also use a pillow under their heads. A bed comes in many different sizes including a single, double and king size.

History[change | change source]

A 10 feet high ancient bed in National Museum of Bangladesh

In August 2020 archaeologists reported the discovery of the oldest grass bedding from Middle Paleolithic (at least 200,000 years ago).[1] This was much older than the oldest previously known bedding.

They found insect-repellent plants and ash layers beneath the bedding. This would have made a dirt-free, insulated base which helped to keep away insects.[2][3] So early beds were little more than piles of straw or some other natural material (e.g. a heap of palm leaves, animal skins, or dried ferns).

Here's an example of what they said: "Several cultures have used ash as an insect repellent because insects cannot easily move through fine powder. Ash blocks insects' breathing and biting apparatus, and eventually dehydrates them. Tarchonanthus (camphor bush) remains were on top of the grass from the oldest bedding in the cave. This plant is still used to deter insects in rural parts of East Africa".[1]

Mattresses stuffed with feathers were first used in Ancient Rome.

In Ancient Egypt, beds were considered to be status symbols. While the lower classes simply slept on a heap of palm bows or straw, the wealthy constructed wood platform beds that were ascended by stairs, were often curtained, and piled high with cushions for comfort.

In Ancient Rome, the bed was utilized as a multi-purpose reclining surface rather than just a place to sleep. Several beds, or "dining couches" were arranged around the perimeter of the home's living space, and friends and family would recline in bed while socializing, studying, and dining.

Types of beds[change | change source]

There are several kinds of bed in use today. Several terms refer to the size of the mattress. Some kinds are usually temporary, such as camp cots, air mattresses, and hammocks.

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