Belait District

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Daerah Belait
دأيره بلأيت
Belait District
CapitalKuala Belait
 • Belait District2,727 km2 (1,053 sq mi)
 • Belait District73,200
 • Density27/km2 (70/sq mi)
Postal code
Calling code+673 3XX,
+673 322 Seria,
+673 323 Labi[2]

Belait District is a district in Brunei. The capital city is Kuala Belait. It is the largest district in Brunei.

The South China Sea is to the north. The Belait River flows through Belait and it is the longest river in Brunei.

The district is further divided into 8 mukims or subdistricts, namely:[3]

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