Belgian Eifel

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A map of the Belgian Eifel.

The Belgian Eifel (German: Belgische Eifel, Luxembourgish: Belscher Äifel, French: Eifel belge, Dutch: Belgische Eifel), commonly called the Canton of Sankt Vith (German: Kanton Sankt Vith, Luxembourgish: Kanton Sankt-Vith, French: Canton de Saint-Vit, Dutch: Kanton Sankt-Vith), is a canton of the Liège Province of Belgium. Its capital is Sankt Vith. It has five municipalities.

Sankt Vith is the southernmost of the two German-speaking cantons in Belgium, the other being Eupen. Unlike Eupen, Sankt Vith is a rural canton and it has less people than Eupen does.

Municipalities[change | change source]

There are five municipalities in Sankt Vith:[1][2]

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