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Belle Delphine in October 2020

Mary-Belle Kirschner (born 23 October 1999), better known online as Belle Delphine, is a South African-born British Internet celebrity, model, and YouTuber.

Delphine was born on 23 October 1999 in South Africa, and was raised in Cape Town.[1][2][3] She experienced a devout Christian family upbringing.[4] After her parents divorced, she moved to Lymington, England with her mother.[3] Now in Hampshire, she attended Priestlands School, but dropped out at the age of fourteen, due to being bullied online.[3][5] Around this time, she was treated for depression.[3] After dropping out, she found work as a waitress, nanny, and barista.[5] Delphine additionally began posting pictures of her cosplay onto her Facebook account, which was later deleted.[5] Delphine's now-deleted cosplay posts were "low-res and dimly lit."[5]

Delphine has a boyfriend, who often works on the photography of her modeling content and likes to remain anonymous.[3] Claire Kittrell has stated that she is dating Delphine.

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