Beni Department

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El Beni
Llanos of Beni
Llanos (plains) of Beni
Flag of Beni
Coat of Arms of Beni
¡Ventura, paz y unión!
("Venture, peace and union!")
Anthem: Canta victorioso pueblo de leyenda
Beni within Bolivia
Beni within Bolivia
CreatedNovember 18, 1842
Founded byJosé Ballivián
 • BodyDepartmental Legislative Assembly
 • Total213,564 km2 (82,458 sq mi)
155 m (509 ft)
 (2012 census)
 • Total421,196
 • Density2.0/km2 (5.1/sq mi)
 • OfficialSpanish, Moxeno
Time zoneUTC-4 (Bolivia Time)
Area code+ (591) 3
ISO 3166 codeISO 3166-2:BO
Vehicle registrationBO-B

Beni is a department in Bolivia.[1] The capital city is Trinidad.

The department is mainly covered by rainforest and pampa. In the region's many rivers over 400 species of fish have been found. Trinidad has an entire museum, the Museo Ictícola, dedicated to Beni's fish fauna. It is the third largest of its type in South America.

Provinces of Beni[change | change source]

The department is divided into 8 provinces which are further subdivided into municipalities and 48 cantons.

Province Population
(2012 census)
Area (km²) Capital Map
Cercado 111,624 12,276 San Javier
Vaca Díez 130,778 22,434 Riberalta
José Ballivián 82,700 40,444 Santos Reyes
Yacuma 23,430 34,686 Santa Ana del Yacuma
Moxos 22,163 33,316 San Ignacio de Moxos
Marban 16,331 15,126 Loreto
Mamoré 12,817 18,706 San Joaquín
Iténez 21,353 36,576 Magdalena

Places of interest[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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14°S 65°W / 14°S 65°W / -14; -65