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Benjamin Babbage

Benjamin Herschel Babbage (1815—1878) was an English scientist, engineer and explorer.[1] Babbage was the son of the famous mathematician, Charles Babbage. He went to South Australia to map the geography and the location of minerals.

Babbage was very thorough, and spent a lot of time making sure that his information was correct.[1] He carried a lot of equipment, as well as four and half tonnes of food, enough to last 18 months in the desert.[2] Among his supplies he had 20 kilograms of chocolate and 5000 litres of water.[2] He also took a flock of 150 sheep, which limited the speed the group could move.[2] The government became frustrated with Babbage's slow progress, they wanted to know about possible farm lands and valuable minerals as soon as possible.[1] Eventually Babbage was removed from the job and replaced by Major Peter Warburton.[1]

Babbage later helped on the planning for the Australian Overland Telegraph Line.[1] He was interested in growing grapes and retired to his large vineyard at St.Marys. He died on 20 October 1878, and is buried at St.Marys.[1]

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