Bertrand Delanoë

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Bertrand Delanoë in 2010.

Bertrand Delanoë (French: [bɛʁ.tʁɑ̃ də] (audio speaker iconlisten); born 30 May 1950) is a retired French politician. He was Mayor of Paris from 25 March 2001 to 5 April 2014. He is a member of the Socialist Party.[1] He was born in Tunis, French Tunisia.

Delanoë was stabbed on 5 October 2002 during the Nuit Blanche, a night of festivities in Paris. Before being taken to hospital, Delanoë ordered that the festivities continue. Delanoë's wound was not life-threatening and he left the hospital after about two weeks.[2][3]

Delanoë was one of the first major French politicians to announce that he was gay.[4][5]

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