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Betty Schrampfer Azar is an expert on teaching and learning English grammar. She wrote the Azar Grammar Series for students of English as a second or foreign language. This series is used by teachers and students all over the world. It has been very popular for more than thirty years.[1]

Azar thinks teaching grammar is a good way to teach a new language. Students should start by learning about grammar, and that will help them learn all language skills — speaking, listening, writing, and reading.[2][3]

There are four editions of Azar's book series. Stacy A. Hagen became Azar's co-author 2006, so now the books are called the Azar-Hagen Grammar Series.

There are three main textbooks in the series:

  • Understanding and Using English Grammar,[4]
  • Fundamentals of English Grammar[5]
  • Basic English Grammar.[6]

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