Birmingham to Peterborough Line

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The Birmingham to Peterborough Line is an important cross-country train track in the United Kingdom, making a connection from the Midlands to East Anglia. Passenger services are given by CrossCountry and East Midlands Trains, serving the following places:

On other tracks (Ely to Peterborough, Breckland and West Anglia) the trains keep going after Peterborough, through March and Ely to Thetford and Norwich or Wendens Ambo (Audley End) and Stansted Airport. Many of them run to Stansted. Services for Norwich come back out of Ely.

Other services using part of the Birmingham to Peterborough Line include Birmingham to Leicester local (close by) trains. The tracks also have a lot of cargo on the trains, being one of the big train tracks to Birmingham Freightliner Terminal (on the site of Birmingham Lawley Street railway station).

Stations That Are Not There Anymore[change | change source]

Stations that are not on these tracks anymore are: