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Blender is an American music magazine that self-identifies as "the ultimate guide to music and more." It is also known for sometimes having pictures of female celebrities that showing them with a lot of their body uncovered. It puts together lists of albums, artists, and songs, including both "best of" lists and "worst of" lists. In each issue, there is a review of an artist's entire discography, with a review of each album. The magazine teamed up with VH1 to create the "50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs".[1]

Blender is published by Dennis Publishing.[2] The magazine was started in 1994 as the first digital CD-ROM magazine by Jason Pearson, David Cherry & Regina Joseph, acquired by Felix Dennis/Dennis Publishing, UK. It published 15 digital CD issues, and launched on the web in 1997. It started publishing a print edition again in 1999 in the same form that it does today. Blender CD-ROM showcased the earliest digital editorial (paper) formats, as well as the first forms of digital advertising. The first digital advertisers included: Calvin Klein, Apple Computer, Toyota and Nike.

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