Boleslaw II the Generous

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Bolesław II the Generous
Bolesław II Śmiały by Aleksander Lesser.PNG
19th century portrait by Aleksander Lesser
King of Poland
Coronation26 December 1076
Gniezno Cathedral, Poland
PredecessorMieszko II Lambert
SuccessorPrzemysł II
Duke of Poland
PredecessorCasimir I the Restorer
SuccessorWładysław I Herman
Bornc. 1042
Kingdom of Poland
Died2 or 3 April 1081/1082
Kingdom of Hungary
Ossiach Abbey (disputed)
SpouseWyszesława of Kiev
FatherCasimir I the Restorer
MotherMaria Dobroniega of Kiev
ReligionRoman Catholic

Bolesław II the Generous, also known as the Bold and the Cruel (Polish: Bolesław II Szczodry About this soundPolish ; Śmiały; Okrutny; c. 1042 – 2 or 3 April 1081 or 1082),[1] was Duke of Poland from 1058 to 1076. He was third King of Poland from 1076 to 1079.

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