Breitbart News

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Breitbart News Network
Type of site
News and opinion
Available inEnglish
OwnerBreitbart News Network, LLC[1]
Created byAndrew Breitbart
EditorAlex Marlow (editor-in-chief)[2]
Wynton Hall (managing editor)[3]
Joel Pollak (senior-editor-at-large)[4]
CEOLarry Solov
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Launched2007; 17 years ago (2007) (as
Current statusActive

Breitbart News is a right-wing news and politics website. It was created by the libertarian political commentator Andrew Breitbart. Andrew Breitbart said that he wanted his website to be like the Huffington Post but right-wing. Andrew Breitbart died in 2012. He was replaced by Steve Bannon. In 2016, Bannon said he wanted to turn Breitbart News into "a platform for the alt-right". Bannon left Breitbart News to work for Donald Trump at the White House. He later came back to Breitbart News. Breitbart News later fired Bannon and replaced him with Alex Marlow.

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