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Brucherhoff  (Luxembourgish)
Coordinates: 49.5728187, 6.2323219[2]
Country Luxembourg
CantonLuxembourg District
Local TownMoutfort[1]
Elevation263 m (863 ft)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal Code
LAU 2LU0000302

Bricherhaff (German:Brücherhof/Bruecherhof, Luxembourgish:Brucherhoff) is a Lieu-dit and Farmstead in the Commune of Contern in Luxembourg.[7][8][9][10] It is on a slip road 150 metres long off of the CR132 main road.[11][12][13] Bricherhaff is located atop the Syre River and is directly east of the Bruecherbesch which is named after it.[14] It is also directly west of Brichermillen which is owned by the same person.[15][16]

History[change | change source]

Name[change | change source]

Etymology[change | change source]

The name Bricherhaff likely derives from the person who built and owned the area following it's construction. There are other places called Bricherhaff[17] and Bricher[18] or Brucher[19] was a common surname at the time of the Lieu-dit's construction. Also "Haff" is Luxembourgish for Farm therefore the name likely meant "Bricher's Farm".

Construction and early history[change | change source]

Bricherhaff was constructed at some point in the late 18th or early 19th Century by the owners of the farm land surrounding it. It was built upon the Syre river and was a farmstead used to store farming equipment and house workers. The oldest mention of the name Bricherhaff of Brucherhof dates back to 1844 which a singular mention of the place.[20] The first proper mention of the Lieu dit of Bricherhaff is on a newspaper published in July 1890 where it is mentioned that Bricherhaff is located adjacent to Moutfort and Medingen.[21] The same infomation was mentioned once more in April 1891.[22] An 1895 Gazetteer of places in Luxembourg contained Bricherhaff as well as Brichermillen.

Community funds[change | change source]

Various Community Funds were distributed to Bricherhaff in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Later mentions[change | change source]

Bricherhaff stayed a small farmstead throughout the 20th century however was continually mentioned in newspapers and old documents. Bricherhaff was unaffected by World War I and In May 1923 it was a stopping point for the funeral tour of Mr Mathias Hemmen who died in Brichermillen.[30] In February 1930 a Bricherhaff resident Bernard Lautwein was involved in illegal shooting and fined.[31][32] In May of that same year, there was another similar incident.[33] In Januaray 1931, Census data recorded the combined population of Bricherhaff and Brichermillen to be 30 and it was recorded and published by a local newspaper.[34]x

Demographics[change | change source]

In the 1931 Census the combined population of Bricherhaff and Brichermillen was 30 and the sinlged out population of Brichermillen was 17 therefore it had a population of 13.[34]

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