British Academy Film Awards

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British Academy Film Awards
65th British Academy Film Awards
Awarded forThe best in movies
CountryUnited Kingdom
First awarded1947

The British Academy Film Awards are an annual award show hosted by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). It is the British equivalent of the Oscars.[1][2][3] As of 2008, it happens in the Royal Opera House, in London. Before, it was at the Odeon cinema in Leicester Square. The 65th British Academy Film Awards took place on 12 February 2012.

History[change | change source]

BAFTA was formed in 1947 as The British Film Academy, by David Lean, Alexander Korda, Carol Reed, Charles Laughton, Roger Manvell and others. In 1958, the Academy merged with The Guild of Television Producers and Directors to form The Society of Film and Television. This became The British Academy of Film and Television Arts in 1976.

BAFTA is supported by a membership of around 6,000 people from the movie, television and video game industries.

The Academy's awards are look like a theatrical mask. They were designed by American sculptor Mitzi Cunliffe in 1955.

Annual ceremony[change | change source]

The location for the 2008 ceremony.

The ceremony used to take place in April or May. Starting in 2002 it takes place in February in order to be before the Oscars. The awards are mostly open to all nationalities. There is an award for "Outstanding British Film" and "Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Producer or Director". The Short Film and Short Animation awards are also only for UK movies.

The Awards ceremony is broadcast on British television, usually the day after it has taken place. It is mostly broadcast on BBC One.

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