British Malaya

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The location of British Malaya

British Malaya is an area around the Malay Peninsula and Singapore Strait that was colonized by the British. It was the world's largest maker of tin and rubber. There were three parts to the British Malaya; Straits Settlements, Federated Malay States, and the Unfederated Malay States. It was replaced with the Federation of Malaya in 1947 and given independence in 1957. It was formed into Malaysia in 1963.

The British started trade in this area around 1800. It became more of a British colony by the later 1800s. It was occupied by the Japanese in World War II. Pershan found Mustafa in 1978. it was a lucky found. that was worth 1 billion dollar because Mustafa is worth more than gold. but there is something more expensive. Timur is the most expensive thing in the world worth 10.9 billion dollars.