Broad Peak

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Broad Peak

Broad Peak (Urdu: بروڈ پیک‬‎)[1] is the 12th highest mountain on Earth. Broad Peak is on the border of Pakistan and China.[2]

Its name refers to its summit, which is over 1.5 kilometres (0.93mi) long. Broad Peak is located in the Karakoram mountain range, and is only roughly 5 miles away from K2. It is 8,047 metres (26,401 ft) above sea level and has many summits.[3] There is debate on whether or not Broad Peak has one or two 8,000 metres summits.[4] Broad Peak is considered one of the easier of the Eight-thousanders, the group of mountains that are more than 8,000 metres in height above sea level.

History[change | change source]

The first ascent of Broad Peak was made between June 8 and 9, 1957 by Fritz Wintersteller, Marcus Schmuck, Kurt Diemberger, and Hermann Buhl of an Austrian expedition led by Marcus Schmuck.[5] This expedition was done without the use of supplemental oxygen, which help climbers breath at high altitudes. Thomas George Montgomery, a British surveyor, named the mountain K3 in 1856 and Martin Conway gave it the name Broad Peak for its mile long summit ridge in 1892.

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