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A buoy is a floating device that can have many uses. It is usually anchored in a certain place. The word is most commonly said ([bɔɪ]) (as in buoyant), but in American English it is often pronounced [ˈbu.i].

Weather buoy

Types[change | change source]

Navigational aids[change | change source]

Buoys are used by ships to navigate or sail safely from place to place. They are used to mark a safe channel on a river, lake or harbour. They are used to mark dangerous rocks and other items which ships have to keep clear of.[1] They can also be used to mark a shipwreck, pipelines or swimming areas.

Navigation Buoy
Buoy used for dinghy or yacht racing

Other uses[change | change source]

Buoys are used as marker for fishing, moorings for boats, yacht or dinghy racing, diving[2] or weather stations[3] and may be marked on charts as "Superbuoys".

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