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Women with a burqa and a child, in Afghanistan
A woman with a burqa, with man and child, in Northern Afghanistan

A Burqa is a piece of clothing. It is worn by some Muslim women. They can wear it as an outer garment. It only leaves a semi-transparent mesh in front of the woman's eyes, so she can see. The rest of the body is covered by it.

Other garments for Muslim women that cover less of their body are the hijab and the niqab. People often confuse the hijab and the niqab and call it burqa instead.

In Islamic texts[change | change source]

The Quran does not say that women need to cover their faces with a veil, or cover their bodies with the full-body burqa.

Burqas around the world[change | change source]

Full-face veils ban in Europe, 2021. In countries, colored in red, full-face veils (like the burqa and niqab) are totally banned in public. In countries colored in pink and orange, full-face veils are restricted and are illegal in public buildings, public transport and while driving a vehicle.

In France, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Latvia, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Tunisia, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands wearing a burqa (and the niqab) in public is illegal. And in more countries, it is illegal to enter a government building, public building, public transport, schools, or to drive a vehicle with a burqa (or a niqab).