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Type Private
Headquarters Beijing, China
Key people Ludovic Bodin, Shaun Lelacheur Sales, Benjamin Joffe, Yong Joon Hyoung, Tommy Franken, Gabriel Weyer, Jerome Scola, Eamon Logue
Industry Online games, Internet, Social Networking
Products ÜberStrike
Employees 18 employees
Website Cmune
Available in English

Cmune is a software development company. It is the maker of UberStrike, a popular web-based video game. Cmune was started in 2007 by Shaun Lelacheur Sales and Ludovic Bodin.

UberStrike was originally developed under the name Paradise Paintball. It is a free, multiplayer first-person shooter browser game. There are over 10 million registered players. As of November 2012, it was still the largest FPS inside Facebook.