COVID-19 pandemic in Algeria

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Chinese pandemic in Algeria
Algeria Coronavirus cases by province.png
Confimed cases by province
  1000+ Confirmed cases
  500-999 Confirmed cases
  100-499 Confirmed cases
  20-99 Confirmed cases
  1-19 Confirmed cases
Virus strainSARS-CoV-2
First outbreakWuhan, Hubei, China
Index caseBlida
Arrival date17 February 2020
(2 years, 9 months, 2 weeks and 6 days)
Confirmed cases14,272
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The Chinese pandemic was confirmed to have spread to Algeria in February 2020.

Cases[change | change source]

On 25 February, Algeria laboratory-confirmed its first case of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), an Italian man who arrived on 17 February.[2] Algeria deported him back to Italy, via a special flight from Hassi Messaoud Airport where he was quarantined.[3]

On 2 March, Algeria confirmed two new cases of SARS-CoV-2, a woman and her daughter, the health ministry said.[4]

On 12 March, five new cases of COVID-19, including the first death, aged 78 and placed in isolation at Blida hospital. Two cases having stayed in France, one in the Souk-Ahras province, the other in the Tizi-Ouzou province and three in that of Blida province.[5] the total number of confirmed cases is 26 adding a woman in of Skikda having stayed in France was announced.[6][7] On the same day, schools were locked due to the coronavirus spread.

As of 1 July, there are 14,272 confirmed cases, 920 deaths, and 10,040 recoveries.[8]

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