COVID-19 pandemic in Cuba

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COVID-19 pandemic in Cuba
Cuba - Location Map (2013) - CUB - UNOCHA.svg
Map of Cuba
Virus strainSARS-CoV-2
Index caseTrinidad
Arrival date24 February 2020
(7 months and 3 weeks)
Confirmed cases1,810[1]
Suspected cases1,053[1]
Suspected cases have not been confirmed as being due to this strain by laboratory tests, although some other strains may have been ruled out.

The COVID-19 pandemic was confirmed to have spread to Cuba on 11 March 2020 when three Italian tourists tested positive for the virus.[2]

The beginning[change | change source]

On 11 March, the first three cases in Cuba were confirmed. The patients were Italian tourists. They were kept in isolation at the Pedro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute in Havana.[3]

Response[change | change source]

The government told citizens to make their own face masks. People were told to carry several cloth face masks with them, depending on how many hours they plan to spend in public areas.[2]

Cases[change | change source]

On 17 March, the number of confirmed cases increased to 7.[4]

On 18 March, the number of confirmed cases increased to 10, and the first death was announced, a 61-year old Italian who had been one of the first three confirmed.[5]

As of 30 March, the amount of confirmed coronavirus cases is at 170, with 4 deaths.[6]

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