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Map of the three Californias
  Northern California (NorCal)
  California (Cal)
  Southern California (SoCal)

Cal 3 (also called Proposition 9) is a halted 2018 voter initiative to split California into three states. It was introduced by Tim Draper.[1] If it passed, California would not be immediately split. The U.S. Congress would need to approve.

Supporters of the split said the state is too large to govern efficiently,[2] and those against said the split is a waste of time and resources.[3]

The initiative was taken off of the ballot in July 2018 by the Supreme Court of California.[4] Tim Draper called the decision "corrupt."[5]

Analysis[change | change source]

California is currently a stronghold for the Democratic Party. If the state were to split in three, Southern California could become a swing state.[6] Splitting the state would also create 4 more Senate seats. The Republicans would not want all those 4 extra seats to go to the Democrats.

All three potential states voted for the Democratic nominee in the 2016 presidential election.

Polls[change | change source]



Polling organization/client Sample size Margin of error Yes No Undecided
June 26–27, 2018 SurveyUSA 916 ± 3.6% 13% 75% 12%
April 19–23, 2018 SurveyUSA 916 ± 3.6% 17% 72% 10%

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