Calcium nitrate

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Calcium nitrate
Other names
Kalksalpeter, nitrocalcite, Norwegian saltpeter, lime nitrate
  • 10124-37-5 checkY
  • 13477-34-4 (tetrahydrate) ☒N
3D model (JSmol)
ECHA InfoCard 100.030.289
RTECS number
  • EW2985000
UN number 1454
  • [Ca+2].[O-][N+]([O-])=O.[O-][N+]([O-])=O
Molar mass 164.088 g/mol (anhydrous)
236.15 g/mol (tetrahydrate)
Appearance colorless solid
Density 2.504 g/cm3 (anhydrous)
1.896 g/cm3 (tetrahydrate)
Melting point 561 °C (1,042 °F; 834 K) (anhydrous)
42.7 °C (109 °F; 316 K) (tetrahydrate)
Boiling point decomposes (anhydrous)
132 °C (270 °F; 405 K) (tetrahydrate)
1212 g/L (20 °C)
2710 g/L (40 °C)
1050 g/L (0 °C)
1290 g/L (20 °C)
3630 g/L (100 °C)
Solubility soluble in ammonia
almost insoluble in nitric acid
Solubility in ethanol 51.4 g/100 g (20 °C)
62.9 g/100 g (40 °C)[1]
Solubility in methanol 134 g/100 g (10 °C)
144 g/100 g (40 °C)
158 g/100 g (60 °C)[1]
Solubility in acetone 16.8 g/kg (20 °C)[1]
Acidity (pKa) 6.0
-45.9·10−6 cm3/mol
cubic (anhydrous)
monoclinic (tetrahydrate)
NFPA 704

R-phrases R22, R41
Flash point Non-flammable
Related compounds
Other anions Calcium sulfate
Calcium chloride
Other cations Magnesium nitrate
Strontium nitrate
Barium nitrate
Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C [77 °F], 100 kPa).
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Calcium nitrate, also known as Norwegian saltpeter, is a chemical compound. Its chemical formula is Ca(NO3)2. It contains calcium and nitrate ions.

Properties[change | change source]

Calcium nitrate is a colorless solid. It is an oxidizing agent. It absorbs water from the air. It decomposes to make nitrogen dioxide and calcium oxide when heated.

Preparation[change | change source]

Calcium nitrate is made by reacting calcium hydroxide or calcium carbonate with nitric acid. It is made when nitric acid reacts with calcium phosphate. It can be made by reacting ammonium nitrate and calcium hydroxide.

Uses[change | change source]

Calcium nitrate is used in fertilizers to add nitrogen to the soil. It can be complexed with urea to make a different nitrogen fertilizer.

References[change | change source]

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