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A calzone (Italian "stocking" or "trouser" or "drooping sack" or "hanging fold"[1]) is a turnover from Italy. It is made with ingredients that are like a pizza, but they are not the same.[2] It is folded into a crescent shape before it is cooked. Calzones are made from pizza dough and filled with mozzarella and ricotta cheese. Other things such as ham, salami, vegetables or an egg can used as fillings as well. The dough is folded over, sealed along the edge and then fried. It is usually served with a seafood sauce, or with garlic, parsley and olive oil.

The Pizza Hut restaurant sells large calzones known as the P'zone. In America, the Hot Pockets brand of microwaveable turnovers are called "Bread Stuffed Calzones".

In Chicago, the calzone is usually called a pizza puff, made by Italco Foods.

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