Campo Grande

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Location of Campo Grande in Brazil
Bandeira de Campo Grande.svg
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Campo Grande is a city in Brazil. Campo Grande is the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul State of Brazil. Campo Grande means, "Great Field" in Portuguese, the language of Brazil. Campo Grande is home to the official headquarters of the Western Brazilian Army. Campo Grande's nickname is "Brown City," for it's brown colored soil.

Until the 1970s, Mato Grosso do Sul was part of Mato Grosso State. Even when Mato Grosso do Sul was part of Mato Grosso, Campo Grande had more people than the capital of Mato Groso, Cuiabá. When Mato Grosso do Sul left Mato Grosso and became its own Brazilian state, Campo Grande became the new capital.

Campo Grande International Airport serves Campo Grande and all of Mato Grosso do Sul State and the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul is in Campo Grande.