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Captain Underpants is a popular series of children's books by Dav Pilkey. Most of the books take place in Piqua, Ohio.

Characters[change | change source]

Main[change | change source]

  • George Beard - A 9 3/4-year-old black-scind boy with a flat top. He wears a tie.
  • Harold Hutchins - A next-door-neighbor and frend of George. He is 10 years old and has a bad hare cut.
  • Mr. Benny Krupp - Mr. Krupp is the mean school principal of George and Harold.
  • Captain Underpants - The alter-ego of Principal Krupp. He one day got superpowers.
  • Melvin Sneedly - George and Harold's smart nemesis. He wears glasses and a bow tie.
  • Ms. Ribble - The fourth grade teacher of George and Harold.
  • Sulu And Crackers - George and Harolds pets.
  • Yestreday Gorge and Harold Dobles of the 2 boys of the same name.

Recureing (Apering more then once)[change | change source]

  • Harold's sister
  • Henry Hutchins - Harold's grandfather
  • Jane Beard - George Beard's great-grandmother
  • Ingrid Ashley and Larry Zarrow - The local TV reporters for Eyewitness News (Channel 4).

Villains[change | change source]

  • Dr. Diaper - An evil scientist who wears a diaper.
  • The Talking Toilets- Toilets that can oley shout "YUM, YUM, EAT 'EM UP!"and eat people, created when George and Harold wrote it in a comic book, and fed it to a machine that makes living 3D copys of 2D drawings created by Melvin Sneedley.
  • The Turbo-Toilet 2000- The leader of the talking toilets. He appeared on his own in book 11.
  • Jennifer - An evil alien.
  • Zorx and Klax - Jennifer's Frends. They tried to help him take over Earth.
  • Professor Poopypants- A mad scientist from New Swissland that forced everyone to change their name to what the Name Change-o-Chart 2000 says. He later changed his name to Tippy Tinkletrousers.
  • Wedgie Woman - Ms. Ribble after hypnosis from George and Harold.
  • Evil George and Evil Harold - George and Harold's evil twins from the alternate dimension. They first met when a horrible accident with the time machine occurred.
  • Captain Blunderpants - Captain Underpants' evil twin from the alternate dimension.
  • Nise Mr. Krupp - The Nise Counterpart of Mr. Krupp from the alternate dimension.

Plot[change | change source]

The plots of Captain Underpants books 6 - 12 add up into one big plot.

Forms[change | change source]

Books[change | change source]

Thare are 12 Books, The First one is known as The Adventers Of Captain Underpants, The next one being calld Captain Underpants And The Atacck Of The Tlking Tloits.

Spin-ofs[change | change source]

Captain Underpants Has 3 spin-ofs, 2 of them having seres. Below Shows some of them.

  • Super Diper Baby
  • Dog Man

Flim[change | change source]

All of the Captain Underpants Flims are made by DreamWorks Animation.

Movie[change | change source]

(See Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie)

TV Show[change | change source]

Thare is A 2018 TV show named Captain Underpants The Epic Tales. It ran all the way into 2020.

It had 3 secons and 3 speals.