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Cardcaptor Sakura is a manga series from Japan. It is also an anime series. Cardcaptor Sakura is sometimes abbreviated as CCS.

CCS was created in 1996. CCS was created by a team of artists named CLAMP. CLAMP has created many other series, but CCS is one of the most popular.

CCS has been translated into English by a company named Nelvana. The name of the translated version is Cardcaptors.

Story[change | change source]

The story is about a 10 year old girl named Sakura who saves the world. The magical Clow Cards are missing, and Sakura must find them. When she finds the Clow Cards, the world will be safe. After she finds all cards she must face Yue with Shaoran to see who gets to be owner of the Clow Cards. There are 3 seasons of CCS; along with 2 movies. The story is also about Sakura's relationships with her family and friends.

Characters[change | change source]

The characters' Japanese names are followed by their English names.

  • Sakura Kinomoto(木之本櫻) / Sakura Avalon
  • Toya Kinomoto(木之本桃矢) / Tori Avalon
  • Fujitaka Kinomoto(木之本藤隆) / Aiden Avalon
  • Nadeshiko Kinomoto(木之本撫子) / Natasha Avalon

  • Syaoran Li(李小狼) / Li Showron
  • Meiling Li(李每鈴) / Meilin Rae

  • Tomoyo Daidouji(大道寺知世) / Madison Taylor
  • Sonomi Daidouji(大道寺園美) / Samantha Taylor

  • Eriol Hiiragizawa(桐澤エリオル) / Eli Moon
  • Kaho Mizuki(觀月歌帆) / Layla Mackenzie
  • Yukito Tsukishiro(月城雪兎) / Julian Star
  • Clow Reed / Clow Reed

  • Keroberos(ケロベロス) / Cerberus
  • Yue(ユエ) / Yue
  • Spinel Sun(スピネル-サン) / Spinner Sun
  • Ruby Moon (Nakuru Akizuki/秋月奈久留) / Ruby Moon

  • Chiharu Mihara(三原千春) / Chelsea
  • Rika Sasaki(佐佐木 利佳) / Rita
  • Takashi Yamazaki(山崎貴史) / Zachary
  • Naoko Yanagisawa(柳澤奈緖子) / Nikki

  • Maki Matsumoto / Maggie
  • Yoshiyuki Terada(寺田良幸) / Mr. Terada

Media[change | change source]

Cardcaptor Sakura is shown in many countries around the world. CCS is popular, because it is very cute. There are many posters and many toys about CCS.