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A carpet trader (probably in the Middle East)

A carpet is a rectangular piece of woven textile. Generally, carpets are used to make spaces more beautiful. They are either put on the floor, or on a wall of a building. In Islam, carpets are also used for people to kneel on when they pray. Carpets are warmer and softer than hard floors such as hardwood, tile, or concrete. Carpets can be many different sizes. Carpets originated in Central Asia.

The name "carpet" comes from Old Italian carpita, "carpire" means to pluck.[1] The term "carpet" is used mostly to describe high quality material placed on the floor most of the times stretched from wall to wall[2] while "Rug" is considered to be lower quality or smaller in size (rug is placed under the coffee table for example).

In some countries carpets are designed in a way to tell stories. They can tell history of family or something important that happened.

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