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Category:Articles with infobox errors

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Pages below are sorted according to the type of error. More information about what is causing the error and how to fix it may be found on the documentation page of whichever infobox is transcluded in the article.

  1. Uses a deprecated parameter — a parameter no longer used by the template is still being used in a transclusion; will have no visible effect on the article
  2. Uses an unnamed (numbered) parameter — where unrecognised text follows a vertical bar (|) in the markup; will have no visible effect on the article
  3. An entered value is invalid — this will normally result in a visible error message
  4. A required field is missing — this will normally leave a default value enclosed in curly brackets
  5. Autocat error — a category the page has been sorted to does not exist
  6. Image — Image markup is being used incorrectly

For sort keys beginning with letters, the article is most likely calling a non-existent template parameter starting with that letter. Refer to the template documentation of the transcluded infobox to determine the parameter causing the error.

The following infoboxes sort pages to this category.