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Category:CS1 errors: format without URL

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This is a tracking category for CS1 citations that use |format= without also providing a url for |url=. For media format, instead use |type=.

  • |format= requires |url=
  • |...-format= requires |...-url=

These errors occur when Citation Style 1 and Citation Style 2 templates use |format= or |...-format= without also providing a corresponding URL for |url= or |...-url=, respectively. The |format= and |...-format= parameters are used to specify the file format of a web resource, such as PDF, DOC, or XLS. In some cases an editor may have intended to use |type= to specify a kind of document, such as hard cover, paperback, or pamphlet. The |format= and |...-format= value is always displayed.

The list of |...-format= parameters is:

|archive-format=, |article-format=, |chapter-format=, |conference-format=, |contribution-format=, |entry-format=, |event-format=, |lay-format=, |map-format=, |section-format=, |transcript-format=

(Citations that relied on the pre-2014, somewhat odd use of |url= and |format= may need adjustment in regard to |chapter-format=.)

To resolve this error, remove |format= or |chapter-format=; define |url= or |chapter-url=; or change |format= to |type= (or to |chapter-format= if |chapter-url= is used without |url=.

Pages with this error are automatically placed in Category:CS1 errors: format without URL.[a]

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