Cebuano language

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Bisaya, Sinugboanon
Native toPhilippines
RegionCentral Visayas and Mindanao
EthnicityCebuano people
Native speakers
21 million (2007)[1]
The second-most-spoken language in the Philippines.
  • Standard Cebuano (Cebu City dialect)
  • Boholano
  • Leyteño (Kana)
  • Mindanao Cebuano (Bisaya)
Latin (Cebuano alphabet)
Official status
Official language in
Regional language in the Philippines.
Regulated byVisayan Academy of Arts and Letters
Language codes
ISO 639-2ceb
ISO 639-3ceb
Distribution of cebuano language.png
Cebuano-speaking area in the Philippines

Cebuano is a type of language spoken in the Philippines. About 20,000,000 people speak this language. Cebuano is a member of the Visayan language family.

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