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Celera Corporation
Type Subsidiary
Industry Technology
When it was created 1998
Headquarters Alameda, California, USA
Key people William G. Green, Chairman, Kathy P Ordonez, President, Craig Venter, Founder
Things made Scientific & Technical Instruments
Employees 554[1]
Website www.celera.com

Celera is a corporation registered in California, U.S.A. It was founded to discover and sell information about DNA sequence analysis, especially the human genome. The company is now wholly owned by Quest Diagnostics, a corporation which runs clinical laboratory services.

Celera's first president, Craig Venter and Hamilton Smith were in charge of the original science. There was competition between Celera and the publicly funded Human Genome Project, which got much comment.[2][3][4] Eventually, they agreed on a certain amount of co-operation.

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