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The Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) is an Australian organisation that supports Aboriginal music and culture. It was created as a public radio station in 1980, and started broadcasting in Alice Springs in 1988.[1] CAAMA now operates several companies in the communications, music, film and radio industries. CAAMA Productions is currently the largest indigenous production studio in Australia.[2]

The CAAMA Group includes:

  • CAAMA Radio 8 KIN-FM, a radio station. It provides indigenous radio programs to over 500,000 people in Australia.
  • CAAMA Music, a record label. About 90% of the music it produces is recorded in indigenous languages. It also organises music tours and live concerts.[2]
  • CAAMA Corporate Services Group is the operational management group of CAAMA.
  • CAAMA Technical Services works with CAAMA and local Aboriginal communities to make sure their telecommunications equipment is working.
  • CAAMA Shops Pty Ltd is a retail shop that sells products (videos, music, literature, craft, etc.) created by Aboriginal people in the local area.
  • CAAMA Productions Pty Ltd is the largest indigenous-owned production studio in Australia, with programming based on indigenous culture, lifestyle and issues.
  • Imparja Television Pty Ltd is a commercial television station that operates from Alice Springs.

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