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Ceolwulf of Wessex

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King of Wessex
Reign5 June 597 – 22 April 611
Coronation10 June 597
Born5 March 561
Winchester, Wessex
Died22 April 611 (aged 50)
Winchester, Wessex
Burial25 April 611

Ceolwulf (5 March 561 - 22 April 611) was the King of Wessex from 5 June 597 to 22 April 611.

Birth & Early Life

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Ceolwulf was born on 5 March 561 in Winchester, Wessex. He was the son of Cutha who was the son of Cynric, grandson of Cerdic and the younger brother of Ceawlin. Ceolwulf was also the younger brother of his predecessor, Ceol. Not much was known in Ceolwulf's early life but we do know that he grew up in Winchester & lived in the Castle at that time since he was of course a part of the royal family at that time.

Becoming King of Wessex

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On 5 June 597, Ceol died due to poisoning & since his son, Cynegils was too young to rule, Ceolwulf became King instead. His coronation was five days after becoming King.

Death & Burial

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On 15 April 611, Ceolwulf traveled to Wales for a nine day trip. On the third day of his trip, Ceolwulf was assassinated. The trip was canceled & Ceolwulf returned to Wessex where he died just 4 days later because the wound became more & more infected in his body. He was succeeded by his older brother Ceol's son, that is Cynegils. He was buried 3 days later in a secret & private valut under the Castle.


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