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Chaim Topol

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Topol in 2013

Chaim Topol (Hebrew: חיים טופול; September 9, 1935 – March 8, 2023), sometimes known as Topol, was an Israeli theatrical and movie performer, actor, writer, singer and producer. Topol was born in Tel Aviv, British Mandate of Palestine (now Israel).[1] Topol is known for his role as Tevye the milkman in the 1971 movie Fiddler on the Roof. He has been nominated for an Oscar and a Tony Award. He has won two Golden Globes Awards.

Some of Topol's other notable movie appearances were the title role in Galileo (1975), Dr. Hans Zarkov in Flash Gordon (1980), and as Milos Columbo in the James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only (1981).[2]

Topol was married to Galia Topol until his death. He retired from movie acting in 1998 and only did stage acting until his full retirement in 2015.

Death[change | change source]

In June 2022, Topol's son, Omer, said that his father was suffering from Alzheimer's disease since 2015.[3]

Topol died in the early hours of March 9, 2023 in Tel Aviv at the age of 87.[4][5] The previous day, his family released a statement in preparation of "what seem to be his last hours", at his home surrounded by his children and grandchildren.[6][7][8] Before his burial at Kvutzat Shiller on March 10, a memorial was held at Cameri Theater in Tel Aviv on March 9.

President Isaac Herzog, Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former prime minister Yair Lapid praised Topol after his death was announced.[9]

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