Charlie Strapp Froggy Ball And Their Friends (movie)

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Kalle Stropp, Grodan Boll och deras vänner
Directed byHasse Funck
Written byThomas Funck
StarringThomas Funck
Edited byWic Kjellin
Music byThomas Funck
Distributed byEuropafilm
Release date
  • 26 December 1956 (1956-12-26) (Sweden)
Running time
96 minutes

Kalle Stropp, Grodan Boll och deras vänner is a 1956 Swedish live-action/stop-motion feature film directed by after an original script by Thomas Funck, using Funck's already well-established characters. It was followed by a shorter animated film in 1987, Kalle Stropp och Grodan Boll räddar Hönan. This is the first time since before 1987 where a Kalle Stropp production features voice acting by others than only Funck himself, only with the exception of children that had participated in other productions as well.

Plot[change | change source]

Thomas Funck sits with two children and finishes writing the film's subtitles. He begins to tell:It's early in the morning. A lot of baker-clad children collect eggs in a chicken farm. Then they go to the sleeping baker and wake him up, and the baking of the day's bread can begin. When the children later go out to deliver the bread to the customers and the bakery is empty, Kalle Stropp arrives there together with Grodan Boll, Plåt-Niklas, Räven and Papegojan. They are like little insects in the big bakery. But Plåt-Nikla's cure for this. He utters a magic formula, and immediately the bakery shrinks so that the little friends can work unhindered in it. Namely, they will bake a cake to court the guard parade who turns four years old. Without the bakers noticing anything, two sotis, Sot and Tos, sneak into the bakery and steal Plåt-Niklas' propeller which he carries on his back. Then they disappear. Plåt-Niklas discovers the loss, when it's time to whip cream, and becomes very sad. Shortly afterwards, the sotis make themselves known. They have taken care of the propeller, they say. And now they will disappear forever. They should only turn off the light first. They blow - and the electric light goes out. The sotis come to Kalle Stropp's meadow, where they find an egg that they crack, empty and then hide in. Kalle Stropp, Grodan Boll, Plåt-Niklas, Räven and Papegojan come to the meadow. The fox carries the freshly baked cake. Here they meet Hönan who complains that an egg has been stolen from the chicken farm. Kalle Stropp picks up a magnifying glass and starts scouting - and soon finds the egg, the sotis' hiding place. The hen gets the egg back. While Hönan is sleeping, however, the sotis manage to escape, and then they also seize the cake, "guarded" by the equally sleeping Räven. The sotis are discovered, but they go to the beach, jump into the water and disappear with their prey. Now Kalle Stropp gets an idea. From an old boot, he and his friends build a submarine that takes them to the opposite shore. There they chase into a secret passage that they follow, guided by vultures. The aisle ends with Gubben Glömsk and Gumman Kom ihsj who offer a ride in their car - which Plåt-Niklas f ö recognizes as his aunt. Soon, however, the car stops. The petrol is out. Kalle Stropp and his friends can continue on foot. The Sotis have left clear traces that they follow. They come to a tower, and the tracks continue up the tower wall. They climb up - and are captured and bound by the sotis. But now comes the rescue in the form of the guard parade. The captain fires a cannon and threatens to fire a pea unless the sotis release their prisoners. A moment later, Kalle Stropp and his friends are freed, and Plåt-Niklas regains his propeller. The fox has saved the cake. And Frog Boll gets the conciliatory inspiration that the sotis may not be so mean after all - only they can wash themselves. The guard parade's birthday is celebrated with cake and song in a toy store. Kalle Stropp and his friends are of course there - as are the sotis, clean-washed and party-dressed. The end is good, everything is good, says Grodan Boll.

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