Chatuchak Weekend Market

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Chatuchak Weekend Market (also spelled Jatujak) is a market in Bangkok.[1] In the past, it was in Sanamluang. In Buddhist Era 2521, the government wanted this place to be the park for relaxing and exercising. Thailand’s government authorities train gave Pahonyothin area connected to southern of Chatuchak Weekend Market to make a new market so the Sanamluang market had moved there and changed the named after the area named “Pahonyothin area market”. In Buddhist Era 2530, it had been changed the named to “Chatuchak Weekend Market” until now.

Nowadays Chatuchak Weekend Market has been made buying and selling culture and be famous around the world as the center of selling products. It has more than 112,000 square meters. Foreign tourists know Jatujak market as JJ market or Chatuchak Weekend Market.

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