Chicago Spire

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Chicago Spire
Chicago spire shape.svg
Computer rendering of the building.
General information
StatusNever built
Location400 N Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Illinois
GroundbreakingJune 25, 2007[1]
Estimated completion2012 (est.)[2]
Opening2012 (est.)[2]
Roof2,000 feet (609.6 m)
Technical details
Floor count150
Floor area3,000,000 square feet
(278,709 sq. m)[3]
Design and construction
ArchitectSantiago Calatrava
Perkins and Will
DeveloperShelbourne Development
EngineerThornton Tomasetti
Main contractorCase Foundation

The Chicago Spire is a very large skyscraper that was being built in Chicago, Illinois. Because of financial problems, the project has not been finished.[1][4]

As of May 2013, however, interest in the Chicago Spire site has risen, drawing in at least a half-dozen offers for the property. The developer is also considering a bid to take back control of the property, reigniting hope that the 2,000 ft. skyscraper may actually be built.[5] In 2014, a Chicago court ruled in favor of not building the skyscraper thus abandoning plans of it being constructed.

The Gateway Tower, a proposed 2,000 feet (610 m) tall condo, is proposed to be built on the site of where the Spire would have been built.[6]

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