Chilean Air Force

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Chilean Air Force
Coat of arms of the Chilean Air Force.svg
Coat of arms of the Chilean Air Force
Founded March 21, 1930
Country Chile
Part of Chilean Armed Forces
Motto "Quam celerrime ad astra"
General del Aire (Air General) Jorge Rojas Avila
Roundel Roundel of Chile.svg Roundel of Chile low visibility.svg
Roundel 1918-1930 Roundel of Chile 1918.svg
Aircraft flown
Attack Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon
707 Cóndor AEW&C
Fighter Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon, Northrop F-5E Tiger III
Trainer T-35 Pillán, Super Tucano, T-36 Halcon
Transport UH-1H Huey, Bell 412EP, UH-60 Black Hawk, C-130 Hercules

The Chilean Air Force (Spanish: Fuerza Aérea de Chile, FACh) is the air force of Chile, a branch of the Chilean military.

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