Christmas Hurricane of 1902

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Christmas Hurricane of 1902
Julorkanen 1902.jpg
1903 collage in the Idun magazine from the storm
Formed24 December 1902
Duration26 December 1902
Areas affectedDenmark

The Christmas Hurricane of 1902 (Danish: Julestormen 1902, Swedish: Julorkanen 1902) was a storm. It stroke against Denmark and Sweden on Christmas Day 1902.[1][2]

In Sweden, it hit Scania, parts of southern Kronoberg County and the west coast of Sweden. Circa 50 fishermen were killed. On land, very few people were killed. Material damages, measured in millions of Swedish crowns (as of 1902), were reported. Among the destruction caused by the hurricane were the Varberg Open Air Bath and the Mölle Open Air Baths as well as the Ribergsborgs and the Sibbarp Open Air Baths in Malmö. The Örgryte Church tower spire fell off.

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