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CiNii (/ˈsn/)[1] is a bibliographic database service for things in Japanese academic libraries. The database started in April 2005 and is maintained by the National Institute of Informatics.[2] The service searches from the NII databases [NII Electronic Library Service (NII-ELS) and Citation Database for Japanese Publications (CJP)], and the databases from the National Diet Library of Japan, institutional repositories, and other organizations.[3]

The database has more than 15 million articles from more than 3,600 publications.[4]

Database identifiers[change | change source]

The database gives a unique identifier, NII Article ID (NAID), to each of the journal articles in its list.[5] A different identifier, NII Citation ID (NCID or 書誌ID) or NACSIS-CAT Record ID, is used for books.

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