Circinus galaxy

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Circinus galaxy
Circinus galaxy seen with Hubble Telescope
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension 14h 13m 9.9s[1]
Declination±65° 20′ 21″[2]
Redshift426±25 km/s
Distance13 Mly
TypeSeyfert galaxy
Notable featuresVisible with just a little telescope
Other designations
ESO 97-G13, LEDA 50779, WKK 3050, CGS 007, RR 269b, 2MIG 1950, HIZSS 086, 11HUGS 368, GMA99 1, SPB 246,[1] SWIFT J1412.9-6552
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The Circinus galaxy (ESO 97-G13) is a Seyfert galaxy, very bright and emitting huge amounts of electromagnetic radiation.

Circinus is in a constellation of the same name, Circinus (constellation). It is one of the closest and nearest galaxies to the Milky Way. It is probably slightly further away than Centaurus A.

The galaxy just 4 degrees below the galactic plane and 13 million light years from our galaxy. Its outer ring is 700 light years from the galaxy's centre, and the inner ring just 130 light years from the centre. You can see the galaxy with a small telescope.

The galaxy was not noticed until 1977 because it lies close to the plane of the Milky Way and is obscured by galactic dust.[3]

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