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List of galaxies and galaxy clusters. Because there are so many galaxies in the universe, this list are divided in several categories.

The first catalog that which collects only the galaxy is Catalogue of Galaxies and of Clusters of Galaxies

List of nearby galaxies[change | change source]

This is list of nearby galaxies to the Milky Way Galaxy, our galaxy. The first four listed below are part of the Local Group of galaxies.

Nearby galaxies Image Name Distance Information Large Magellanic Cloud 162.980 light years This is a galaxy satellite of Milky Way
VISTA’s view of the Small Magellanic Cloud.jpg Small Magellanic Cloud ± 200.000 light years This is a galaxy satellite of Milky Way
ANDROMEDA GALAXY.jpg Andromeda Galaxy ± 2.500.000 light years Nearest galaxy to the Milky Way
M33 2 PS wiki.jpg Triangulum Galaxy ± 3.000.000 light years Second nearest galaxy to the Milky Way
NGC 3109 2MASS.jpg NGC 31099 ± 4.300.000 light years
View of the southern spiral NGC 300.jpg NGC 300 ± 6.000.000 light years
ESO-NGC55-WFI-phot-14a-09-fullres.tif NGC 55 7.200.000 light years

List of farthest galaxy[change | change source]

This is list of farthest galaxy from Milky Way. Remember, the farther away from a galaxy, the greater the redshift of galaxy. Redshift is when object appear in a red color because the distance is farther away.

Note that the radius of the observable universe must amount to only 13.8 billion light-years (like the age of universe) is wrong concept. Light travel distance (LTD) is time required for light to reach the observer.

(≈) means "almost equal to."

Farthest galaxies
Image Name Distance Redshift
Distant galaxy GN-z11 in GOODS-N image by HST.jpg GN-z11 ≈ 32 billion light years (proper distance)

≈ 13.8 light year (light travel distance)

z = 11.09
EGSY8p7 por el Hubble y Spitzer.jpg EGSY8p7 13.2 billion light year (light travel distance) z = 8.68
Galaxy-EGS-zs8-1-20150505.jpg EGS-zs8-1 13.04 billion light year (light travel distance) z = 7.73

And other galaxies :

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References[change | change source]

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