NGC 300

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Picture of NGC 300 (high resolution)

NGC 300 (also known as Caldwell 70) is a spiral galaxy in the constellation Sculptor. It is one of the nearest galaxies to the Local Group. It probably lies between that and the Sculptor Group.

The galaxy is the brightest of the five main spirals in the direction of the Sculptor Group.[1] It is at an angle of 42° when viewed from Earth, and looks rather like the Triangulum Galaxy.[2] It is 94,000 light years in diameter, somewhat smaller than the Milky Way, and has an estimated mass of (2.9 ± 0.2) × 1010 M.[3][4]

The distance of NGC 300 from us is about six million light years.

Nearby galaxies and group information[change | change source]

NGC 300 and the irregular galaxy NGC 55 are members of the Sculptor Group. This is a nearby group of galaxies in the constellation of the Sculptor. Recent measurements of their distance suggest these two galaxies are in the foreground.[5] NGC 300 and NGC 55 probably form a gravitationally bound pair.[6]

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