Civic Platform

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Civic Platform
LeaderDonald Tusk
Founded24 January 2001 (24 January 2001)
Split fromSolidarity Electoral Action,
Freedom Union
IdeologyConservative liberalism[1]
Christian democracy
Political positionCentre-right[2][3]

Civic Platform (Polish: Platforma Obywatelska) is a political party in Poland. It is currently the second largest political party in Poland.

The party gets a lot of its support from the north and west of Poland.

Some famous Civic Platform politicians include Donald Tusk, Jerzy Buzek, Ewa Kopacz, Bronisław Komorowski and Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz.

Beliefs[change | change source]

The party supports the European Union.[4]

The party is against same-sex marriage, abortion,[5] euthanasia,[6] fetal stem cell research and the removal of religious symbols from schools.

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