Coat of arms of Morocco

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Coat of arms of Morocco
ArmigerKing of Morocco
CrestThe Royal crown of Morocco Or, adorned with pearls alternating Gules and Vert surmounted by a 5-pointed Seal of Solomon Or.
EscutcheonPer fess Azure and Gules, a fess embowed Argent charged with the Atlas Mountain range proper, in chief a Rising sun Or, in base a Pentagram Vert, reaching over the mountain range.
SupportersOn the dexter a lion rampant and on the sinister a lion rampant guardant both proper
MottoIf you glorify God, he will glorify you

The current coat of arms of Morocco (formally, the royal coat of arms) was introduced 14 August 1957. It was developed by the graphic artists Gauthier and Hainaut and shows a green pentagram, specifically a two-dimensional Penrose pentacle on a red background before the Atlas Mountains and a rising sun. The royal crown is on top. Two lions function as the holders of the shield. On the ribbon underneath, the Arabic inscription is written: (Arabic: إن تنصروا الله ينصركم) (If you glorify God, He will glorify you) (Quran, Verse 7, Sura 47).