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Cohesion may mean:

English Wiktionary
English Wiktionary
The English Wiktionary has a dictionary definition (meanings of a word) for: cohesion
  • Cohesion (chemistry): the intermolecular attraction between like-molecules.
  • Cohesion (computer science): a measure of how well the lines of source code within a module work together to provide a specific piece of functionality.
  • Cohesion (geography): the part of shear strength that is independent of the normal effective stress in mass movements.
  • Cohesion (linguistics): the linguistic elements that make a discourse semantically coherent.
  • Cohesion (music): a Manchester-based four-piece band playing uplifting indie guitar pop.
  • Cohesion (structural): the sociological and graph theoretical conception and measurement for maximal group or graphical boundaries where related elements cannot be disconnected except by removal of a certain minimal number of other nodes